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The project is aimed at development of the most optimum synthesis of AChE reactivators – pralidoxime, trimedoxime, obidoxime and methoxime. There will be also developed suitable analytical methods needed for characterization of reactivators purity. This project goal is to summarize all possible data about the above mentioned AChE reactivators as the base for application for Drug Master File and further…

One of the main project solution tools are conclusions of the meeting of project scientific board which will clearly evaluate the up-to-date progress of the solution and will set new directions so that the factual and financial part of the solution is fulfilled.

The most important part of solution is meeting all legislation conditions for using the project results for the use of Integrated rescue system or Army of the Czech Republic.

CHemProtect, a.s. is a cooreciever of the project. The reciever is VAKOS XT.

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