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The goal of the project is to suggest material which will be able to, in relative short time, effectively clean tough surfaces, including skin, after their contamination by nerve and blistering agents in a way that the resulting values of surface concentration of agents were equal or lower than AEP-7 (58) according to the norm. When used as first aid cleaning of people by on time using and correct application this material would minimize health loss and avoid permanent losses. This material will be mild for skin use, materials and natural environment. This project will suggest material which will at the same time have polyvalent desinfection efficiency for the entire spectrum of pantogens, including its resistent forms, and it will have such a sporicide efficacy which will be able to deactivate spores including Bacillus anthracis spores. The project will also suggest an applicator for decontamination mixture for the first aid decontamination of people including their equipment.

Part of the project will be suggesting the applicator and decontamination agent with high detoxication, desintection and desactivation efficiency for first aid decontamination of people, part of their equipment and small working material. The application of this decontamination agent will be in foam or aerosol form and will meet strict conditions of NATO standard AEP-7 (58). The applicator with decontamination agent can be used also as part of integrated rescue system and other security forces for the first aid clearing of contaminated people.

CHemProtect, a. s. participates on this project as coordinator when arranging expert and laboratory work including the solution of individual stages.

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